My Allenbanks Renga

Having talked about the writing process in a previous post, here is the Renga that I wrote.

The edge of autumn


Today’s truth –

the seventh month is our ninth

white river brown


grassheads dance

to a chainsaw’s tune


branches sway

trunks creak

above dropped leaves


the canopy pours green

onto the path



tripping on roots

my breathing quickens


on the gorge edge

the updraft lifts the sky


leaf needle twig

strewn stone

steps down to the pond


sedge reed and lily

the tarn lies still

light shades

from bending leaves

pollen blown as rain


a dragonfly

hunts the glade


pheasants creep away

through bracken

a plant of an earlier time


fallen trees

soften into earth


swallows skim

the edge of autumn

rain mists the meadow


around over along

the Allen sings.


A 14-verse Renga at Allen Banks,

Morralee Wood,

on 6th September 2017,

by Martin P Eccles.